Water Department

Updated Water Charges

  • As of October 2021: Charge for 0-9,000 Gallons is $47.12
  • For Every Gallon over 9,000, the additional charge is $5.73 per Gallon 

Our Water Operator is C3ND Environmental Consulting, LLC 

  • 24- hour emergency telephone number is (845) 244-0129
  • Be sure to give your Name, Phone Number & Address

For your information and convenience in dealing with the Town Water District, we are providing the following summary of Water District responsibilities and customer responsibilities.

  1. District Responsibilities
  2. Customer Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Water District

  • Conduct all tests required by the Health Department and other governmental agencies in order to provide safe drinking water. We also provide you with an Annual Water Quality Report.
  • Notify customers in advance via the news media of any scheduled service interruptions.
  • Notify customers of potential water shortages and provide guidelines and regulations for conservation.
  • Make repairs to the system as promptly as possible.
  • Own and maintain water meters, both inside and outside.
  • Handle questions regarding service, billing procedures, or repairs. The Water Department can be reached on 845-758-4608 or, as an alternative, the Town Clerk’s office may be contacted at 845-758-4606. In case of emergency, call the System Operator, VRI Environmental Services, Inc., 845-677-3839.
  • Bill customers for water usage based on meter readings on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October. 
  • Water Rates: The new minimum charge per quarter, effective April 1, 2019, is $44.88 for up to 9000 gallons. Additional charge of $5.46 per 1000 gallons.