Recycle Department Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the Town of Red Hook’s Recycling Center and The Goods Exchange located?

The Town of Red Hook’s Recycling Center and The Goods Exchange are located at Glen Pond Drive in Red Hook, NY. To access a map, go to the following link:

Town of Red Hook's Recycling Center & The Goods Exchange

Can all residents use the Town of Red Hook’s Recycling Center and The Goods Exchange?

The Town of Red Hook’s Recycling Center and The Goods Exchange are open to all residents of Red Hook.

 Do I need to pay a permit fee to use the Recycling Center?

There is no longer a fee for residents of Red Hook and Tivoli to use the Recycling Center.

When are the Goods Exchange and the Recycling Center open ?

The Goods Exchange and the Recycling Center are open Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to noon.

When may I drop off my trash? 

Trash may be dropped off on Saturdays only from 7:30 a.m. to noon. year round.

What does it cost to drop off trash?

Trash has a separate cash only fee per bag: $1.75 (10 gallon bag), $4 (30-33 gallon bag), $5 (34+ gallon bag). Large items will be charged a per item fee.

What kinds of items are accepted at The Goods Exchange?

Toys, books, magazines, games, sporting equipment, draperies, clothing, shoes, baby items, household tools, gardening tools, dishes, ceramics, cooking utensils, notions, ornaments, decorations, small functional appliances and some small furniture.

Items must have the approval of the Goods Exchange attendant. The attendant has the right to refuse any item.

Items may not be taken for resale.

What items are NOT accepted at The Goods Exchange?

No broken items accepted, no paint or chemicals, and no upholstered furniture of any size. No child car seats, mattresses are accepted at The Goods Exchange.

Will you accept propane tanks and appliances containing freon (including refrigerator/air conditioner/freezer?

Propane tanks and appliances containing Freon (including refrigerator/air conditioners/freezers) are accepted for a $15 fee.

What recyclables do you accept?

Co-mingled glass bottles and jars, metal and tin cans, plastics #1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 (rinsed with caps and lids removed, and then added to recycling)

Flattened corrugated cardboard

Co-mingled magazines, junk mail, catalogs, file folders, glossy inserts, office paper, greeting cards, newspaper, wrapping paper, brown grocery bags, phone books, paper only animal food bags, paperboard, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, clean milk and juice cartons, pasta boxes and soft cover books

Scrap metal, small appliances, metal tools, wire, machinery 

Does the Recycling Center accept food scraps?

Yes, residents may drop off food scraps for composting at the Recycling Center through October 2022. Acceptable food scraps include all plate scrapings, fruit and vegetable peels, meat, dairy, and bones, and paper coffee filters. No yard waste, no compostable dishes or utensils, and no paper/cardboard will be accepted.

I have old paint cans. How do I dispose of them?

Latex paints can be discarded along with your household trash as long as it is dry. To dry latex, you may add cat litter or leave uncovered until it is dry.

Oil-based paints are a hazardous waste. As of May 2022, you can drop off leftover paints, stains, primers, and varnishes for no additional cost year-round at New York's PaintCare sites. Locate PaintCare sites here: The nearest site to Red Hook is Sherwin-Williams at 568 Albany Ave, Kingston. 10 gallon limit per visit, call ahead (845) 339-6994.

For other hazardous waste including poisons, chemicals, pesticides, and e-waste such as computers, televisions and printers, contact Dutchess County for their collection schedule: 845-463-6020 or

Where can I recycle old eyeglasses?

Return eyeglasses to Lion’s Club at most eye care providers, M&T Bank and Northern Dutchess Hospital.

Where can I recycle styrofoam peanuts?

Take styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap to local shipping and mailing stores.

Where can I bring medication needles?

Please contact Northern Dutchess Hospital for their take back policy.

Where can I bring unused medication?

Never flush! Drop unused medications at the Red Hook Police Department for proper disposal, 8 a.m. to midnight.

What can I do with waste oil? 

Local garages will accept your waste oil.

I noticed a large pile of wood chips at Town of Red Hook’s Recycling Center. Are they available to residents?

Yes! Residents may come during the Center’s open hours and help themselves. Be sure to bring your own shovel and buckets.