Updates to Snow & Ice Policy 2020-2021

“At a Glance” Snow and Ice Control Policy for the Town of Red Hook

Due to budget cuts which forced the downsizing of the Town of Red Hook’s Highway Department, changes have been made in the crew size, plow routes and length of routes, and the average completion time of each route. Residents may notice the impact of these changes on the Highway Department’s  historical levels of service.

Highlights of Changes include:

Last Year 2019-2020

This Year 2020-2021

Crew Size



Plow Routes



Plow Route Length

10 miles

12 miles

Average Completion Time Per Route

3.5 hours

4.5-5 hours

Equipment & Personnel

In past years, the Town used 7 trucks. It is important for residents to know that there will now be 6 trucks and 6 full-time employees due to the Town’s staff reductions.If there are absences due to illness, this number of drivers/trucks will be further reduced.


 Due to personnel and equipment changes, the number of plow routes has also been modified. Last year, the Highway Department maintained 7 plow routes, with 7 trucks. This coming season, the number of truck drivers and routes has been reduced to 6, which will extend plowing time for each route.

For details on the Town of Red Hook’s current Snow and Ice Control policy, please review the following document: Updates to Snow & Ice Policy 2020-2021