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Park Pavilion Reservation

    All reservations must be approved by the Town Clerk's Office. Once this form is submitted, the date will be reviewed with the Master Calendar and the Host/Sponsor will be contacted by phone or email with a confirmation. Please call the Town Clerk's office with any questions: 845-758-4606
  2. Brief description of your event (such as "Smith Birthday Party" or "Bank Volunteer BBQ")
  3. Please provide a start and end date and time. Both are required to reserve the Pavilion. 

    Your setup and breakdown times should be included within your reservation period.

  4. (Required)
  5. As Host/Sponsor of this group use of the Recreation Park Facilities, you are responsible for the proper behavior of all individuals and appropriate care of all park facilities. Please familiarize yourself with all park rules and facilities for your groups’ enjoyment and safety. Copies of the park rules and group outing information are available at the Red Hook Town Hall, or can be viewed here:ón-de-Recreación-de-la-Ciudad-de-Red-Hook-

    The pavilion and picnic areas are equipped with grills for charcoal fires. Please do not leave active fires unattended.

    Please note that the consumption of alcoholic beverages on park grounds, including the roadways and the parking lots, is strictly prohibited.

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